Santa Fe Opera – American Architects Building of the Week

Another one from the archives; back in December, the Santa Fe Opera was featured nn American Architects:

American-Architects Building of the Week: The Santa Fe Opera

Photo courtesy of Matiz Architecture & Design/Studio Abe


Architect’s Response to Proposed EPA Budget

Architect David Lake of Lake|Flato Architects in San Antonio, TX has shared his discussion, via letter, with U.S. Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) regarding the recent proposed budget cuts to the EPA. This is as coherent and poignant a response as I’ve seen, and it’s particularly refreshing to see it come from not only within my profession, but from a respected name in both design and sustainable practice.

It’s as crucial as ever that we make it abundantly clear that we (not only architects, but all human beings, period) must stand up to safeguard the future of the only place we have to call home.

You can read the letters at the link below:

TheRivardReport: Proposed EPA Budget Takes Aim at Design and Construction Industry

Image courtesy of Lake|Flato Architects

5 Big Ideas for Affordable Housing

A bit behind on sharing this article, as this report came from the previous administration, and I wouldn’t anticipate the new one picking up this even moderately progressive torch anytime soon. Regardless, it’s absoultely worth checking out:

5 Big Ideas for Affordable Housing From the White House

Image courtesy of FastCo / Kimson Doan via Unsplash

Barcelona Superblocks

Expanding on the already relatively innovative Eixample district in Barcelona, this concept for “superblocking” gridded areas within a city looks to be quite promising. The critical aspect, in my mind, would have to be successfully addressing the overlap of pedestrian and vehicular use within the block. This concept of major and minor arteries is used, so some extent, in various other cities, albeit with pedestrians and bicyclists still being overshadowed by cars. If done right, creating consierable space where foot traffic is given primary right of way has some great potential to not only make walking easier and safer, but also further activating the street level of those areas.

How Barcelona’s “Superblocks” Pedestrian Plan Hopes to Return the Streets to the People

Collaborating with Architects

A video blog I highly recommend anyone to follow, Matt Risinger’s latest post focuses on a topic that is core to any successful project: collaboration between the contractor and architect. By bringing a contractor in to the design team early on in a project, you’re able to alleviate many of the potential issues of a traditional design-bid-build process, as well as having a far better grasp on the estimated costs of the project. Check out Matt’s video with Austin architect Matt Fajkus for more information.

Unique Nursing Home Facility

There’s no doubt that our elderly care is in dire need of rethinking, and while the true results remain to be investigated, facilities such as this one in Ohio are making great efforts to provide innovative and positive change.

One man turned nursing home design on its head when he created this stunning facility // Upworthy

Photo courtesy of Lantern/Upworthy